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Panic Studio!!
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The largest *pnish* community on Livejournal!
Welcome to pnish, the largest community for the Japanese dance and theatre troupe, *pnish*! This is a community where all the latest news, announcements, and show reports can be found, as well as where fandom can share icons, scans, fiction, or other related fandom goods!

1. If you're posting images or something long, please put it behind a lj-cut.
2. Don't use or post icons that use *pnish* journal icons.
3. Please put all media posts behind a friends lock (downloads, icons, scans, screencaps to plays)
4. Please be accepting of everyone's opinions.
5. Follow the guidelines listed in 'About Blogs' if commenting in blogs.</b>

This community will be RPS and slash friendly. If you are posting any adult material (18+), please put it behind a lj-cut with clear warning and friends-lock the post. This is in accordance with LiveJournal's Terms of Service.

About Blogs

Having access to these blogs is a privilege, not a right, which the actors can choose to take away at any time. We must keep this in mind when we choose to read and comment in their journals. Please keep the following in mind if you do choose to post a comment:

1. These men do not speak English. Therefore, avoid replying in English, because they will not understand. Do not use Babelfish or any other online translator to try post in these blogs, because the translations are almost always incorrect, and can cause some potentially embarrassing mistakes. If you have no other choice, post in basic english, so they might understand then.
2. Post just once per entry.
3. Remember that we are strangers to them, so a certain degree of politeness needs to be used. Stay on the topics they mention in the entry, and remember that they should be addressed name-san.
4. DO NOT MENTION DOWNLOADS OF ANY TYPE!! Every download means that the actors are getting less money towards their rent, groceries, bills, or future shows. While I understand it is near impossible to support the artist if you live outside of Japan and the downloads we have are necessary, PLEASE do not mention downloads.
5. Do not ask them to visit your website/journal/Myspace/DeviantArt/anything that might contain something that could offend the actors. They probably won't understand what you have written anyways since it's in English, but this is just an added measure to make sure our comments remain as polite as they can be.

The reason I ask this is because the *pnish* fandom is small, and the actors are only just now realizing they have international fans. So what one overseas fan does could effect us all. Remember that, when you post in these blogs, you represent not only yourself, but the overseas *pnish* fandom on whole. And we want to be seen well, so that if and when any fans do travel to see *pnish*, they are able to go without worrying what the *pnish* guys will think about their foreign fans.

Community layout credits go to kill_brainz for the original coding and faded_lace for the overrides!